Thursday, March 4, 2010

its been a year now!

shut up.
dun make me go explaining
why she's in pink.

dis time around - i wanna write about someone. i hardly do dis, i know - for in dis blog of mine - most of the time, its all about me. heh. nama pun dah blog aku, kan? but i wanna make a different kinda thang, a bit; today. for at least - once. for dis is special to me. a hell way too special, yeah.

i bet u know the gal up there. she's nice, good at heart. she's so into cooking - she can cook and turns u into a mokmok in a sec. she talks faster - flight of speech, flight of ideas - when she's angry. or when shes anxious. she said she's so garang wit her stdnts - but, heh - really? auw. i am so scared! hehe.. she loves surprises. dat she'd sit and smiling ear to another when ur like, 'OMG Pinkie - wat ur doin? u dun hav to do dis!!' and she's like.. 'its ok, i want to!'. she's kinda gal dat wld do anythg to make u happy, to lift a bit of burden ur havin - dat sometimes (i am sorry to say dis), some ppl r like so damn stupid taking her for granted. choyyy! tak baik weh!! she's a smart gal. laugh a lot. heh. and she's in pink - most of the time. i aint sure wats so special about the colour, but heh - jst dun ask me. for - may be she's a gal. a gal shld be in love wit pink. and may b'coz i am a guy. God sake - y on earth a guy wld fall in love wit pink? i mean - the color, it is. okay.. i must admit - theres nthg wrong, alrite. its jst a color. a preference. and it takes a brave, one sexy guy to really fall all over the places - over 'pink'. the color, again - it is. but then again - if u know dis gal well - she loves pink. everythg on her, wit her - everythg is pink. her purse, iPod even heh - tumbler pun pink karer!! dun ask me how'd i know dat - i gez it shows. thus, ppl called her Pinkie. or Pinky. and she's alrite wit it, yeah. and i gez she's in love wit it, as well.. :-)

i knew Pinkie exactly one year, today. ermm.. its been a year, eh? how fast time flies. i knew her thru a fren of mine - i saw her commenting a lot, really. i remember ended up 'talking' to her on the FB chat, and surprisingly - she called me rite up thru my mobile - leaving me like; heh - cat got my tongue! but she was so nice, frenly enuff dat i managed to go wit her flow damn pretty well. and in no time at all - i found myself comfortable talking to her and we were like so in the same wave-length in way of thinking and such. and surprisingly enuff - we shared quite a number of similarities, alrite. i've shared so many thgs - stories et al., so much more wit her than anyone else, God sake. she was there thru my bad time - where i was so upside down - like i cant talk to someone whom i shldve talked to - and i turned to her. and she never failed to be around. she never tired to listen to me, wit no judgment no nothg. she loves to 'leter' around alrite, but she'd only go advising me when i am totally lost, dat i dun know wat to do.

dun get me wrong. theres no cheesy-wheezy, mushy mushy or hanky panky goin around in ere. she's my best fren. my very best fren, really. she was there when i was torn apart. she was there too when i need a hand to hang on to. shes around when i am looking out for someone i cld share my laughter as well. of coz - i do hav my family, i know dat. but having her around was such an 'extra bless', God knows dat alrite.

so, Noraziah Che Pa - dis is for u. i am glad knowing u. i am blessed too. it is nice to know dat i am havin someone dat i cld call as a fren - dat i cld rely on, trust in - wit no condition, at all. i am proud knowing u. and i am proud being one of ur thousand mounsand billion trillion kerjillion frens. and i pray to Allah Taala - hoping dis wld last, insyaAllah.

u hav a great life in front of u, Pinkie. a real good one. a good one after all the good thgs u've done to others.. ameen.

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