Thursday, March 4, 2010



i think i started to feel damn freaking anxious now. i hardly sleep - tho i feel so damn tired. erm, it cld be caffeine too. but i dun know. i cld feel dat even in my sleep pun - i am havin my mind wondering around the fact i read prior sleeping.

i hate to confess theres one paper dat i hate sitting for, and i hav to hav it done by trow. nak tak nak - aku kena amek jugak dat paper. bulshait. and i am not sure of wat i am reading.. and wat i am doin, God sake. i feel like crying. i feel like to jst tutup buku and tengok tv each time i sit and open up the book. i even feel like to telan 22 bijik Panadol, in one shoot. erk, now dats so over lah. tak la smpai mcm tu. heh.

pe pun, i am gonna get rid of dis alrite. be it la. i jst need to prepare myself. s/ada aku nak ke, tak nak - i still hav to sit for it. so wat? is there anythg dat i can do? i dun think so. so - i jst gotta brace mysld, and face dis - once for all. heh. big time.

gotta go. nak tido jap. aku dah berjaga dari 3am tadik.. ting tong, shiot!

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