Sunday, March 14, 2010


finally i am home - and trow - i gotta go to work as usual, theres coupla thgs in my to-do list i hav to get em all done before i leave the town for another trip, dis coming Friday. gotta change my catridge printer yg dah abes dakwat berbulan lamanyer, i gotta go the kedai jam down there in Tesco - 3 watches due to change the batteries, another one need to change the tali - gez it has to be send all the way there to KL la kot.. and dammit, definitely it'll take like 5 to 6 months, God sake. aku hav to finish up my coupla assignments left, marking paper budak2 neh and go around psyche ward for my clinical teaching - for nex week, heh - i dun think i am gonna hav time for all dat.

i tertido all the way back to Ipoh.. wit my mp3 stuffed up my ears, i wasnt dat lena pun.. jst listenin to the music makes me kinda high, up and down all over the places. and to my suprise - i remember doin dis most of the time for months now - aku used to 'skip' or 'forward', changing to another song when it comes to certain songs - not dat i hate em, i love em all God sake - but i gez, i cant stand listenin to it for it makes me havin dis sort of blood surged up my head, thus i will feel kinda hopleless for thgs it may brings. but lately - today, for God sake - i managed to listen to em all, jst like the way i am listening to others. its kinda weird, but i gez i am alrite wit it.. i dun know how to put it into words, but then again - i jst love the songs well, for wat they are. and for they used to mean a lot to me..

life is a journey. it aint a destination. and we r moving all the way thru it. thru bad, thru good. thick and thin. sometimes u may feel like the time stops, and u feel like theres no use of carry on - but as long as ur breathing, as long as ur havin urself, well.. life has to go on. be it, how its gonna be.

and i know how it feels. i know how it is. i jst thank God for wat i am havin now. for wat it brings to me.

and i wont go asking for more.


ezam said...

lifeis like a box of chocolate

we dunno either its cadbury,godiva or matsentul's tora datang lagi...

layankan aje~

jerry maguire, jr. said...

ezam -

Tora? haha.. lama tak dgr. but i prefer DingDang! huhu