Thursday, March 18, 2010


alhamdulillah - thgs r getting better. in all perspective. most of the asgments r done - tunggu nak submit je. and yeah - theres a few more left (and dat doesnt mean i cld hang or swing my balls around yeah!). and most of the thgs for next week - i thg aku dah re-arranged, dah settled most of em. so - ermm.. do i or not come to work, next week? well, dats the question.

mengong - of coz la i do! heh.

i am looking forward for somethg big towards the end of the month. dah lama plan. and aku really, really looking forward for it. it means a lot, really (tho i know it wldnt, for some). tp, sadly enuf - i gotta back off, and cancel it out. how i wish aku cld do anythg at all - to make dis come true. tp tak pe lah - its not for my own sake sajer.. its for others, too. and aku faham. God sake - i hope i am doin the rite decision - for everybdy.

tho deep in me - its somethg else.

but i believe theres a 'hikmah' for every single thgs dat happen in life, insyaAllah.

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