Thursday, March 11, 2010


I had my mind set dat i wanna hit the gym tnite, after Maghrib. But now, the wireman yg nak buat wiring at my new place tu nak pi tgk rmh dulu, so dat he 'cld see wat to add and wats not, the points and such'. Argkh! Malas la. Nape la ptg2 ni baru nak ckp? Heh. Erm, flexible. I gotta flexible in dealing wit my own thinkin and in doin thgs; or else - stress. So many thgs to be done. Nak deal wit contractors la, cat lain and such. Heh. I wont be buying anther house anymore. Erm, kalo nak pun - beli siap2 yg tak pyh nak do any major renovation. Penat lah! Esk sah2 la tak bley gym-ing dah.. Aiyoo, fail la mggu neh. Dua kali je pi gym. Heh.
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