Tuesday, March 30, 2010


its 12.33am now, i dun feel like sleeping as yet. the scripts on my study desk making me feel like i wanna puke shait out, dat i wanna jst leave em all alone - hell yeah; in ur dream.

i did some reading - jumping from a blog to another - a one thang i've not been doin for quite some time - but tonite, i am doin it. i gez i am havin pretty much time wit me - not like before while i was so hooked up wit FB.. :-(

i was listening to the iPod for the first time (not dat i dun want to, but i din get the chance to) and to my suprise - it was loaded (pre-loaded, i mean) wit most of my all-time fav - there Mariah Carey in it, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Daughtry hell-yeah, Shania Twain, and coupla more. i was speechless. dis lil someone who gav me dis - surely hell has been following wat i've put on my blog all dis while. otherwise - i aint sure how'd dis happen. eh? its like a conclusion for me. all in one small thang yet very meaningful, God sake.

God bless u, my fren.


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