Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wanna read more, but i jst cant. After Glee-ing, aku managed to finish up my 4th chapter on Cognitive Psychology and tot of starting on Child/Fmly Psychopatho., but i jst cant. Dah tepu otak aku rasa. So time to hit my MumuLand, and shall wake up at 3am, i hope. I mean, i hav to. Gnite, ppl. Sleep tite. Dun let bugs, get u! *yawn*


my name is TunJedi said...

alg, miss u so much


jerry maguire, jr. said...

kak yang -

God knows, i miss u ten!
hows everybdy back there in Leeds?

my name is TunJedi said...

kids fine,
a.uda fine..

but me still 'huhu' with the final method development. almost 3 months stucked with that things. another 50% to finish up..wish me luck yea..

bye luv