Wednesday, March 24, 2010


shait - a lot of thgs in life - lately - rub me the wrong way. did i jst say 'life'? heh. who am i kidding? s'times - the shait dat goes on in life, drives me to the freakin edge -- like the whole biz wit dis s'one. needless friction.

i gez dis coupla days - i am feelin worn down. i am wonderin about a lot of thgs. s'times, i jst wanna be alone and do thgs i wanna do. who cares about others? like - do others care about me? heh. i jst wanna tell everyone to fcuk off, go away. theres anger in me i need to let go and yet i jst dunno how. s'times, it takes every last fcukin ounce of discipline, self-control to put thgs - everythg, together.

but u know wat? its easy to take the low road. to follow those wit those 'yg tak cerdik akal' kinda thang. its easy to say 'fcuk it', and mix it up wit whomever gets in ur way. but damn - it takes a different breed to take the high road. to hav the discipline. the self-control. self-respect. in and outside ur life - to rise above the shait so many are mired in. u wanted to be polite about it and all - but then some ppl - they r taking granted on it damn pretty well.

shait - i wish dis lil s'one mght as well jst talk to me - like a man do - and i am more than happy to clear thgs off, or to lend a helping hand. dat single moment will definitely remind me dat when two thgs rub together - the results arent always be dat bad.

after all - to create a spark, to create a fcukin fire, u do need a lil friction. God sake.

and i shldnt be in ere, now.. :-(

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