Sunday, March 21, 2010

dinner @ Papparich, Cyberjaya.

Had a great time, dining out wit Hazman si Tukang Taip and Pinkie at PappaRich, Cyberjaya. It was superb, dat i finally be able to hav my cincau soya wit gula melaka and my fav freakin koew teow goreng. Hazman din really eat tho, he and his sweet words tak abes2 nyakat aku and Pinkie. Kinda funny, and kdg2 aku was like mcm tak tau nak ckp pe - aku jst gelak2 and crushing my head, t'kelendat t'kulat2. We talked about thgs, about a lot of thgs. Hazman is a nice guy wit words. And charming too. Pinkie pun t'sipu2 asyik kena usik dek Hazman. And we had a great time, good laugh as well. Arnd 11pm, Hazman sent me bck to the hotel and gez wat? Anther supper followed. Satay at Bangi wit Azman and Pinkie, again. Pinkie ate like a horse. Erk. A pink pretty horse, alrite. I gez she's like ages tak jmpak satay la kot, so aku buat2 tak sdr la. Heh. By 2am, aku dah kat bilik. Siap2 for MuMu. And gez wat? Aku tdo dlm kelas tdi. Huhu


Ad said...

sweet talk? thats is the signature hazman's talent

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Ad - hahaha.. no wonder ppl r melting away! haha