Monday, March 29, 2010


there shldve be an OSCE held at 3pm - its been cancel plak. i shldve known earlier - so dat i'd be able to spend more time over lunch wit Pinkie, Johan and Dr Chen - they dropped in for a lunch. kinda nice of em all. i mean - real nice. Pinkie and Dr Chen drive up ere to send Johan back home - so we had lunch together. the four of us. Dr Chen - as usual, sweet and gila2. Johan - he's bigger than i ever tot he is.

so here i am in the room - doin some marking paper budak2 neh. and it is getting on my nerve alrite. the monotonous, repetition of all dis makin me sick, shait. i am havin my ass on dis chair, under the cold air - wit my mind, my soul wandering out there. and dis is so not rite.. *sigh*

and the phone - it has been so freakin quiet for like hrs now, dat i've lost count.. :-(

think i shld be leavin the building now.

and i am so outta ere.


ezam said...

bila pulak nk treat me lunch?????

lafitte shangrila will do





looka80 said...

jm - how r u dude? u lookin' happy and great. good for u mate. just droppin' by to say hello. 8-)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

ezam -

bila nak? hehe

looka -
hi bro! how ur doin? lama tak nampak ur around..