Friday, March 26, 2010


It starts wit a smile. It wld make thgs better. Tho ur lost. Tho ur like darn far away from where u belong. And u knew no one dat ur like thking dat ur darn lost. Its jst a matter of a single smile, it'd swipes all the scares, worries away. I knw how it feels. And i bet u as well. When ur down. Alone. But u never forget to hav dat smile on ur face - sincerely. And when u get the same in return, u knw how it is. Its a nice feeling u'll hav inside. The warmth. As if ur not alone, be it dat tho the fact is sthg else. Its a nice day and a nice place. Nice strangers arnd u. Its a great feeling ur havin, when ur no longer cling to dat 'everybdy needs somebdy' kinda shait, even jst for a while. Enjoy ur weekend, fellas. For as i am sure, i'd love mine!

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ezam said...

play safe on weekend ya