Friday, March 12, 2010


life is subjective. u know dat alrite. it aint a bed of roses,- all the time, for God sake. and definitely - it aint gonna be jst the way u want it to be - like most of the time. u mght be up in the sky, on the cloud nine at one time - yet t'row; ur wondering - 'wats wrong wit me' kinda thang when u know dat there's shait all over u - and to make thgs worst, u dun even hav a freakin clue wat to do.. *sigh*. nah. to tell u the truth - i dun know a thang about 'wat life is'. and i wont go givin sort of a fcukin definition for it, yeah. i mght be able to make the stdnts havin a dropped-jaw talking about wat life is - yet the fact is - u know wat i mean.. i am so hopeless. useless. and i bet u can see the questions r all over the places, in ere.

sometimes in life, u mght be stumbled - u do mistakes alrite, and u gotta learn wit it well. u gotta deal wit it, damn pretty well, too. for if u keep on doin the same thang - ur a plain moron, for sure. and i am sayin it as sort of 'ingatan' for my ownself. i know i did mistakes before. i know i did. and i am learning well. i am learning to improve myself for betterment. i am learning still, so i wont go hurting anyone at all - let alone hurting my own self.

but sometimes - thgs gettin in ur way, and turn everythg, upside down. dun get me wrong - i aint like want to pin-point someone else in ere. its my own mistakes. it is solely mine. i believe dat - wat ever i want, wat ever i do - it'd contribute consequences near future. and i am a totally jerk, when it comes to dis.

u know it aint ur mistake. and u cldnt careless at the first place. for it aint ur fault. y u shld be bothered? but it was like outta ur hand. and when it effected u damn pretty much, and it is too - effected ppl around u, ppl dat u love and such - u started to look around and thinkin - wat did i do? wat do i hav to do? its like - u knew u did some sort of mistakes before; and God sake u regret it like freakin hell, and ur workin so hard to make thgs well - but it goes like..

may be dis is the way it meant to be, for me. no matter how good thgs u do, ur wont be able still to 'cover up' all shait u've done before. and ur gonna like walkin on, carryin bag of shait at the back of u - all the time. for the rest of ur life. and u know its torturing u, damn alrite.

i admit i did mistakes. and i'll face dis as it is - for i believe wat ever God brings me, wat ever God sends me into dis life of mine - it is good for me then.

and i shldnt go complaining about a shait.

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