Thursday, March 4, 2010


For the first time after like coupla months now, i woke up from the sleep wit the feeling of a bit numb in me. I feel kinda empty. I knw, its been a while since i had dis feeling, alrite. Its like theres a hole in me. I dun knw why i am feeling dis way. Stressed up? I dun thk so. If its b'coz of the exams - i am used to it damn well. And i do the reading at the last minute, most of the time. Dis is sthg else. I knw. Dis is so sthg else. And i am sure of it. I gotta calm myslf down. Dis wld be coupla days je. Thgs will back to normal, in no time at all, i knw. And i hope so..
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