Tuesday, March 2, 2010

another day - goes by..

another day goes by. and its already the 2nd of March. it was a tiring day, yesterday. i must admit i din do anythg physical dat much pun semlm - but doin a lot of thinking leads me mentally exhausted and the whole system like.. *phewww*. lawatan Dato' TSU(P) KKM was kinda successful, but ended up late. Pengarah nyer briefing punya la berjela2, i noticed coupla big-shot dah mula tgk2 jam and such. heh, i jst wish sometime everybdy knows how to deal wit typical gestures or body-languages; well.. by 6pm, aku dah alrdy otw back home wit nothg in mind - OJ in my right hand, remote of the left after the long warm bath - on my silly-lazy chair, in front of the idiotbox.

i found myself in the gym by 7.30pm. first i din want to - but rasa rugi plak.. cardio a bit and upper-chest a bit, cukup 1.5hrs - aku blah. back at home - aku back in front of the lappy doin my works yg aku need to be done by today.. drafting soalan exams budak2 neh yg tak siap2 jugak. heh. penat lar! and yeah - smabil menyelam minum air - i was on-line for a while, now and then. by 2am.. aku dah tersengguk2. and 5.30am - alarm dah screamin the hell out. and i was driving to work like a zombie - i was there and i was not for a while. aku even terlanggar lampu merah. hahaha.. mengong.

will be havin my papers by end of dis week - 5, 6 and 7th March. 4 papers. 4 modules yg.. heh, bley tahan bertimbun. notes, journals. aku baru je sempat susun2, collect letak sebelah.. and i was like crying seeing em all - fcuk! byk nyer nak go thru!! and the best part is - aku dun even start yet. not even one of em.. gosh.

aku remember the feelin yesterday - while driving back - the feeling of u wanted to ventilate out, to talk to someone and share - nothg in specific - jst talk .


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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

Still want to say a big sorry for that tho since youre still haunted by that...