Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 days to go..

i am tryin to go on normally wit watever comes to me today - but deep down, i still feel numb. the guilty feeling, i want to turn thgs back like before - the laughter, the jokes and such - and every single thang. and i am tryin so hard - yet, i dun know.. or may be dis is nthg to do wit me - for everybdy had their own problems. ntah la.. i really hope thgs r gonna be jst fine. i am scared, i am worry. i used to take a 'couldnt careless' nyer attitude - but i aint anymore. and i think it is good for me..

i am looking forward for the weekend. i cant wait.

its been a while. really.

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Amazingly Azlynn said...

shahe: me too...cant wait for the weekend to come :) be prepared tau, coz they will come and bully us kaw-kaw punye! hehe...psst, can i join them and bully u? hehe