Friday, February 12, 2010

yayy!! long off-days..

its Friday. TGIF kinda thang. but then - for today - aku rasa mcm malas sgt2. heh. pagi tadi pun - aku really take my bloody sweet time - nak mandi, press baju and siap2 for work. 7am baru on the road - and gez wat? its so freaking jammed! heh.

had a great time in Botani Garden smlm petang - aku amek off day separuh hari for it. Rahimi - one of the stdnt wanted to tag along, so aku bawak je la dia.. we both - wit our own dslr walked around snapping dis and dat; 7pm baru balik rumah. hehehe

next week - i wont be in. the whole week dat is. aku tau - ngalahkan member2 Chinese aku je, nak berhari raya.. tp, aku rasa.. alang2 keje on Thursday and Friday next week; better off aku amek cuti je.. bley jalan jauh2 sket dis time around. and i will be leavin town, by trow early in the morn., wit the hope of - tak stuck in the jam watsoever..


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