Tuesday, February 9, 2010


white owl, anyone?

back home around 6pm semlm ptg - no gym no jog.. i was pretty darn tired - feverish still but i jst take it lightly anyway - feverish, i wasnt havin dat real fever anyway. singgah pasar mlm before hit home - i hate wondering wat to eat and wat not. singgah gerai mak cik Siti - i jst love her laksa Penang so much dat i was havin a full bowl to myself. bloated wit laksa - aku hit home.. sakit badan - God knows. i did nothg except terbungkang in front of the idiotbox wit mata half-closed (i think its the medication lah!), half-finished OJ wit remote on the other hand. by 12.30am - aku tersedar - i was sleeping there from i-wasnt-sure-wat-time, lazily.. i crawled upstairs. 1am - aku still cant sleep like aku wish aku'd be.. so, aku ended up turun balik - kemas rumah, did the laundry, basuh kereta.. kinda depressing, hell yeah. the stars.. the moon. heh. 3.30am - i was pretty damn tired, i finally dozed off. alhamdulillah.

the body aching still there. but i bet i am gonna be ok. no time for being 'lembik-lembik'. i am off for clinical teaching in psyche ward at 9am, Stress and Management lecture at 10.30am and hav a meeting to attend by 2.30pm.. argkhh.. keji la. baru je plan nak pi Hospital Ipoh for some reason and hit home rite after dat. all dis keje last minit btol suffocates me.

i had my mind cleared. except for one thg - i dun really keen to think of. i'd jst go wit wat it takes, and see how thgs goes. other than dat - i gez i am doin fine.

pejam celik pejam celik - dah February. another 10 months to go, it'd be another new year.. i gez. i am wondering how's it gonna be.


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