Sunday, February 21, 2010

pics @ random; pt. 2



dun mess wit my thang!

after said and done..


i see you!

morning dew.

u like me, u hate me - i still follow!

waiting - till i fall.

gez wat?

the sun and such..

so green, i wanna be in it!

ur bone?

wats hope, anyway?

red as fire.




before the sun rise up.

u name it urself!

and the above r the second half. i got a lot in store - but these r among my fav. the location? simple - jst around my parent's jer.. i woke up early in the morn., and walked about the house's compound looking out for thgs to shoot. the reason i did dat - it was kinda nice early in the morn., wont get extra-tanned under the sun, the minimonsters r still in MumuLand so dat they wont tailed me like hell; makin me screamin the shait out of me for all the nuisance.

so watdya think?

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