Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I hate doing dis. It makes my whole surrounding bersepah2, and suddenly - ur thking dat 'tak pe, tak byk brg' and ur dead wrong kinda thang. Brg yg ntah mana2 ntah dtg, and u'd left in suprise God sake. And u too, hav to decide wat to bring and wats not, wat to keep and wats not. Tgk je la bilik stdy aku - argkh! nak pegang buku pun tak selera. But i got no choice. I hav to start s'where. Moving out is not sthg dat everybdy wants to. And aku pun. I dun want to pun, really. But we hav to change, for life's sake. And i gotta get dis process, done - before end of the the year.. Adoi.

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ezam said...

pindah umah baru ek?