Friday, February 26, 2010


had a great relaxing day - i am done wit downloading coupla albums i wanted to hav like a month back - yet i din get the chance of doin so.. so ere i am - listening to Alicia Keys's Element of Freedom, Jay Z's The Blueprint and latest Sade's Soldier of Love.. and yeah - One Republic's new effort too.

no gym, no cardio in the gym; today. i had it a rest. the body aching like shait, nak mandi sabun badan pun payah.. so - i wasnt out of the house - except of a jog pagi tadik, and solat Jumaat je la.. and yeah - scoot around. i know - i was out of the house, but not dat far.. heh. bley mcm tu?

cant wait for another break. it is like another 2wks to go. and yeah - another one in April. and dammit - i need to back in shape. it is not like i dun hav 'the shape' now - jst dat i wanna be in a better one. hehe..

headin Mumuland now.. trow morn - aerobic, jog. as usual.


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