Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday? *yawn*

i am back in the office after like a week away from it. kinda missing it well enuff (yeah rite!). really - and i aint lying. i think. hahaha.. too many thgs to be done. ari ni je 4hrs of lecture on Human Motivation and Emotion; meetings to attend by 2.30pm nanti. i mght as well attend one je la kot - for satu lagik mesyuarat - mcm tak relevan je. heh!

i had a hell up and down ride for the past coupla weeks. my best gf's husband - Ruzi (shes a lecturer in Kolej Kejururawatan Ipoh) passed away last week due to industrial accident. i was shock, and a bit hopeless - for i cant be there when she really in need of her fren's presence. its a tuff time for her - and she's been thru a hell lot, really. Ruzi - i hope ur strong. its such a lie if i tell u 'i know how it feels' for i never go thru any of it - but i know, ur gonna get thru dis, well.

and one of aku nyer fren dat i knew thru FB - Johan Manaf - her mom passed away too. due to septicemia, i think. secondary to diabetic foot ulcer over her (R) leg.. Johan sent me a msg around an hr after midnite - which i read it well, early trow morning. Johan - i am sorry i cldnt make it to her last day.. and i know - Johan; he's leaving for Dubai tonite, if i am not mistaken - r doin good anyway.

and my PCT9860 - remember, my old car? my Iswara Aeroback merah tu? the car yg aku dah spent quite a lot of money on it lately.. and the car dat i've been using eversince aku stdnt - finally comes to its own last day. it involved in a bad accident and severed. last Friday nite - aku sent it to Ajak's house for cat semula keter tu.. and Ajak sent me back home. on the way back to his house - he involved in an accident. aku was kaget sekejap. aku tak marah - tapi kinda sedih. aku tau Ajak will take care every thg; God sake for i know him well.. tp Allah je yg tau - aku syg sgt2 keter tu.. byk sentimental value in it. ramai yg ckp aku shldve go get it a change for 'tak sesuai dgn wat i am now'; but who cares? yg penting aku selesa.. its not like aku tak de keter lain kat rumah.. aku selesa dgn keter neh. dah lama - tp jarang2 sgt buat hal - tak mcm Wira Aeroback aku skang neh.. :-( aku tak tau nak ckp mcmana - Ajak tak luka apa2, surprisingly. so - for the time being.. i hav thgs in my mind - Fortuner? Prius? Alphard? Vios? or a simple Kenari? Kancil (erk - i am havin a hairy legs, i think).. i dun know. may be its about time la kot.

and last week too - i had a Penang trip. and urgent one. the trip dat - i dun really wanna go God sake.. but i hav to. the sudden call aku received makes me feel like - damn, they shldnt do dis while i am havin a nice, long off-days. but thgs happen. no news is a good news, anymore. and i am tired of hoping. wat is hope, anyway? so be it.

pe pun - aku yakin all those thgs yg byk lagik happened lately - surely ada hikmah di sebaliknya. cld be some sort of ujian dr Nya, u never know. kdg2 kita terlalu leka wit life - until on time bila all dis kinda thang dtg - baru kita tersedar and such.

but then again - after all those the above - aku still managed to smile; for theres byk a bit here and there dat makes me, anyway.

smiley faces!

i received dis one round-red-in-colour card in my pigeon hole dis morning. i did not expect anythg at all - for dis small card terselit in between few mails i received. simple - but managed to make me smiling up till now. the sweet words in it. the simplicity and such. thanks - i am having 3 of em now.. any other round faces on the way? hahaha

checkers makes me

and dis one too. not me - but the shirt. i know - it looks weird, of course - on me. for checkers r not in my wardrobe at time being. anyway - it is makin the comeback now.. baju belang2 will be leaving soon; think i shld be ready in it, eh? i mean - checkers. as i told u before - dis is my first formal checkers add-up to my collection. i had none - except for few yg short-sleeves. thanks Saif - u make me look kinda different. and i like it! bukan i jer yg noticed - my fellow colleagues, stdnts too.. they were like, 'sir, ur so Brit!' hell yeah! haha

God i am hungry. think i shld be leaving for a lunch. wanna join?


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