Monday, February 8, 2010

makan makan..

Nu-In; Little Perak in Bangi.
try it, if u got time!

i am not sure who r dis grandpa & grandma
- who cares? the foods r fantabulous!

the nice ambience.. but they gotta work on
the music wise.. i think.

the look-alike thang?

u know wat it is.

one of the b&w poster up on the wall.
personally, i kinda like it well..

these big bantals drive me ga-ga

the tarik Ipoh, creamy and sweet - not my cuppa..
but nice!

popia Taiping.. i am not sure nape named dat way,
but again - they r damn nice! my fav anyway..
cost me only rm1.50 sajork per set

had 2 sets of em. heh!

nasik lemak Perak - sambal sotong..
damn pedas! yet nice. i was sweating like ..
how come i did not find any nasik lemak like dis,
in Perak eh? heh.

the telor setengah masak..

got the chance to be in ere, after like so many nice thgs heard about dis place. it is jst a small end-lot outlet, but nice. sesuai for the whole family. and the foods - fabulous. had a great time there.. and ate a lot, too.


feel like feverish, but i gotta be at work for 10.30am - for the whole 2hrs - aku ada kelas wit the stdnts. might be leavin after the class la kot.. :-(

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sedappp laaa siottt