Friday, February 26, 2010

Jumaat. and i am at home. yay!

woke up at 6 dis morning. i wanted to go for a jog - tapi the body ache makes me terjun balik into the crib after solat Subuh. at 7.30am - laundry done. tea 'o' big mug done. and i found myself preparing own breakie in the kitchen! wow. lama weh, tak main masak2 neh.. bukak fridge - there a bread in it, eggs, cheese and coupla fruits and such. OJ of course. so aku decided to buat roti telo je - plus the cheezy wheezy and 2 telor goreng. and havin a breakie in ur towel, wit tea o panas in front of the idiotbox - heh, its been a while, really.

i am still wondering wat to be done, today - apart of hitting the gym after Jumaat nanti. may be ashld finish up buat soalan-soalan sumatif neh je kot.. kemas2 rumah and pi jengok2 projek kat my new place. and start packing a bit more.. and idiotbox, of course. download songs, perhaps? reading some magazines yg bertimbun2 tak abes2.. heh.

breakie - hope its a healthy one.
we need sort of heavy breakfast, aye?
*yeah rite*

me after the bath..
pampering myself - in charcoal to absorb
'extra minyak yg tak bley goreng ikan pun'


ezam said...

whoa pakai masker....

sure santek lagi pehni


jerry maguire, jr. said...

santek? hahaha