Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ikat tie? *puke*


i know wat ur goin to say. i never learn. or i am che lemB wit a capital B. the fact is - i hate doin dis. theres no readiness in me to learn doin it - ikat tie. argkhhh.. its not like i never learn - i did. so many times. aku ingat dulu - aku siap tempek poster on hos to tie dis and dat - all sort of knots in dealing wit neck-tie. tp - argkhhh..

aku used to hav Soleh at home - he's good in doin dis. and aku jst let him did dat to me. but now no more.. i am strugglin myself in doin it, myself. the end-result - i look chomot. Apiz pernah jgk offer 'ko bwk je tie yg tak berikat or tie2 ko yg baru beli tu.. meh aku ikat kan utk ko' kinda thang.. tp - smpai bila eh? segan la.. sementara dia ikat tie kat tengkok dia, usually he'd go blabbering like an old auntie dis and dat. heh. penat la..

i am havin like 5 new ties kat rumah - yg aku nak pakai sgt, tp malas nak ikat. aku dah siap letak few baju for the new ones, tp the tie.. still dlm kotak. heh.

i gez - there'd always coupla thgs in life, yg kita malas sgt nak belajar, for we dun really want to.. and as for me - ikat tie is one of em.


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