Monday, February 1, 2010

dat thg..

not working today - i was off driving up. but yet - i had to be in the ofc for a while - for theres coupla thgs need to be done, before trow's class. around 8.30am, Kak Jah the receptionist called me up - theres a lady waiting for me infront of the ofc., wit a box in her hand. it turned out to be a delivery from Azlin - the lady jst came in to deliver the box; since she was paid to do so.. and she's the one yg did the whole thang - cupcakes, it is. i was like - wow! shait, no!! few staffs seen it well, and started to kenen2 nak rasa sket wat ever not.. i was jst thinkin to bring em all back - and hav em all by myself. heh.

i managed to open up another 2 parcels - those yg aku received last week. i kept on smiling to myself - i never think dat i'd be havin all dis, God sake. TimTams, Saif, Azlin - thanks. u've made my day, sweet..

from Saif - a shirt; checkers dat is, siap dgn tie sedondon..
tak pyh aku runsing2 nak mix-and-match!

checkers? yay! dis is my first add-on to my wardrobe.
checkers is makin a come-back, aye?


dis is all the way from the down-under, Australia.
sent me some TimTams, plus cute lil Kaola..
all the TimTams went str8 into my fridge back at home,
since according to TimTams 'it is best served, chill!' kinda thang..

i am gonna hav em all; by myself God sake!

and the lil Kaola - on my skrin komputer in the ofc.

and - erk, shait! i went gu gu over em all.
i had my name on these!
the first pic - when i had in my hand.

and the second pic - after done wit ko-amek-satu-pi-main-jauh2

kinda thang to some staffs.

thanks, Azlin. the taste? fantabulous!


other than dat - the whole was jst a plain one. nthg to much-ado of. the trip was pretty tiring. and nothg new. i used to hav hope - last time - on each trip; but now.. i wanna hav less expectation on the whole shait. but then - it wasnt dat bad, after all. on the positive side - i think it is much better now. i think.

i dun know. i jst dun know wat shld i think.


timtams said...

Damn spoilt aren't ya?!! TimTams can't be compared to those other fancy smancy pressies (so jealous u got the dslr!!) you got. But TimTams have been known to be orgasmic after a bite or two ehehe.. (so I have been told!!) let me know if they have this effect on you!! :-p

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hey - dun say dat! i had em all deep down in my tummy, all done infront of the idiotbox aka Grammy Award, last nite. huhu..

and u know wat? they r heaven. God sake! haha

thanks, TinTams. it aint wat u giv, its the tot dat matters.. :-)