Wednesday, February 3, 2010

big lights will inspire u.. *heh*

i decided to drive my 'old' car yet 'feeling all brand new' - my Iswara Aeroback, to work today. its been weeks since she's in the bengkel - tukar enjin, tayar and a lot more - thanks to Ajak; he had like so many frens yg aku can jst send the car to him (wit a lump cash too, of course) and go back home w/o feelin any worries in me about the shait - and when it is done; the car will be send rite into my porch! heh. nice, aye? and yeah - it feels like a 'brand new' now. smooth and more. i love dis car so much - the sound system is nice, the dvd/cd/mp3 player is one of my fav, wit steering kechik yg aku fully customize for a bit of taste - waktu aku 'muda-muda' dulu. hahaha..

so dis mornin - as usual; aku lowered down the driver's seat (aku ingat mum selalu berleter when i do so - she was like 'along nak drive ke, nak tido neh?' kinda thang.. haha), bukak tingkap luas2, put on the Jay Z feat Alicia Keys's Empire State of Mind (yayy!) - and drive off to the office. its the usual thang dat i do every mornin (except kalo aku drive the other car la..), yet somehow aku sort of 'forgetting to enjoy every single, little thg it brings..'. ermm..

coupla thgs to settle dis mornin. the stdnts wanted me to be there for diorg ada buat program rehab wit some pts., and i gotta be there 'to make thgs nice'. around 9am may be. at 2 till 5pm; class wit the juniors on Psychology; Memory.

despite of aku terjaga from sleep around 2.50am in the morning and had to struggle like hell to get back to sleep.. i think, thgs r better now. i mght be getting used to it la kot. i did some reading, packing some thgs - i am preparing myself to move into my new place, real soon.

breakie, lets!

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