Wednesday, February 17, 2010

at kg, finally..

Reached at mak's arnd noon, after like few days i am longing to be in ere. Its refreshing to arnd in ere - kak ngah & fmly - all the minimons alrdy in ere, cik & fmly will be in by trow. Soleh mmg stayin in ere, wit mak abh at time being. The kecoh is so beyond explaination. And abh is obviously 'runsing' dat he jst keep himslf in his room, doin his reading. Mak - as usual; goes arnd asking anak cucu like, 'along nak mkn pe? mak msk.. ngah nak mkn pe? meh mak msk' kinda thang. Its fun tho, w'pun aku tak nak la list down all the menus, as a mother, she knws. And lunch today, was simple. But a damn blast, gastro-bration for me - sambal tumis ikan bilis plus belimbing, asam pedas keladi, ikan pekasam goreng, sambal belacan and ikan sardin goreng. Hilang akal aku sekejap. Heh. Arnd 5pm, mak asked me to go for kedai Pak Mzn to get few thgs for dinner. Kimie and Areeyna the minimönsters awal2 lg dah b'tenggek atas moto abh nak ikut. Otw back, its raining. The two minimòns urged me to ride slowly for they were like, 'pak long, nak main ujan..'. Gez wat i did? Aku parking moto tepi astaka pdg kat kg neh, and let em both loncat2 tp pdg mandi ujan. Its a nice moment to see em both jumping arnd mcm kena sawan under the downpour. By the time we reached home, sumer dah lencun. And i cld see em both dgn bangga walked in the washroom, lintas dpn umi dorg w'out a word.. alasan - balik kedai dgn pak long, ujan.. Heh. Its a fun thang to go dis, really. Its like those were the days, when aku kecik2 dulu.. Ermm
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