Friday, February 19, 2010


Blackout la pulak! Always. Ni la masalah dgn kampung aku neh. Tak blckout, air tak dak. And each time any of em happens, it'll takes like ages, again for the supply to be back. Sickening. Sgt2. Aku ingat dulu2, time2 mcm ni la aku akan amek alih tugas cari lampu gasolen, minyak tanah and such, pump the lampu so dat the whole fmly wld be ok - not in the dark, arnd the house. So dat adk2 aku wld be able to finish up their homeworks, well. And kalo tadak air plak, aku'd bergendong2 wit pails of water dr takung air luar rmh masuk ke dapur. Again and again. Aku rmber aku used to complain 'nape along je..' in the sense of adk2 aku did not do anythg at all. And it finally came to a point aku dah malas lagi dah nak complain, since mak boo-layan je dgn complain2 aku; aku jst tarik muka sajer.. Here i am, sitting in the corner, in the darkness - watching the minimons enjoyin the darkness, the candle lights - screaming, jumping, poking one another. Kimie is doin his shuffle - as usual, Hazwan plak ikut je. Areeyna, Sarah and Damia wit their girlie thang, at a corner, surrounding the lilin well. Hasif plak now and then dok using the gals, at his wish. Haziq - wit his botol susu, in his own world. They make me smiling. They amuse me in their own way. I wonder how and wat lays for all em, in the future. I wish they'll be havin the bright one. As bright as when this darkness, will definitely - goes away..
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