Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 benda yg tiada kaitan.. heh.

my thang;
Nokia XM 5800

frankly speaking, aku sayang dis Nokia Xpress Music 5800 neh. my first so-called phone yg aku guna; using dis touch pad tech. fully touch pad plak tu.. of course - waktu nak beli dulu; aku dah fikir abes dah regarding it - the pro and con of using the touch pad phone neh (did i? heh). aku ingat lagik, my first choice dulu was E71 - i jst love the shape, the look - nampak mcm mantap je since body dia look nice.. but then - the small key-pad. and bila aku belek2 nak beli, aku remember the salesman ckp 'dis E71 meant for lady la.. jari dorg kecik2, senang..', aku sentap jap. sah2 la - jari2 aku bagak2.. mati le nak taip sms/mms nanti. heh. and the guy rekemen aku dis Nokia XM 5800. aku ingat lagik - waktu tu dia baru je smpai M'sia.. baru launch, katernyer.. and it was on the 6 Jan 2009; when i finally decided - heh, Nokia XM 5800 - dats it!

its been a year now - a year wit coupla days to go for a year and a month. aku love dis phone - tho, so much.. for so many reasons. it is like all-in kinda thang.. of course la - jgn la banding dis one dgn yg grande2 out there.. mmg tak la! cuma the lacking is - tak dak key-pad. pyh sgt2 nak ber-sms waktu meeting w/o lookin at the phone.. and camera dia - tak bley off the sound! keji lah.. sah2 la kalo nak candid gmbr saper2 w/o being un-noticed, tak bley! heh.

baru2 ni, aku tergeak nak change the phone.. kinda adore Blackberry nyer series. iPhone kinda hot, tp still; despite all the specs - it is still fully touch-screen. aku was nearly nak angkut satu semlm - tp fikir2 balik.. heh, where am i goin to put dis Nokia XM 5800? its been a year now, and aku still in love wit it well.. rasa mcm semlm je aku beli. heh.

damn. how time flies eh?


a huge drama went around in the college ari neh. mcm biasak - aku la jadik tempat dumping all rasa tak puas ati stdnts.. incldg pengajar itself. aku nye inbox hp tiber full dgn stdnts nye msges - sound full of anger, dissatisfaction, hatred and such - over so many thgs. aku tak nak masuk campur - dis is beyond my control. out of my hand. jst dat aku kesal dgn sikap rakan2 sekerja aku yg easily get influenced wit own/personal agenda.. byk unsettled biz.. then stdnts tempat dorg dumping all the negative feelings and such. sian budak2 neh.. heh.

ask me how it is - i'll tell u dis. i dun believe in goin around showing ur tantrum, marah2 stdnts and treat em like rubbish. they r no more a small kids. they need some kinda 'special' approach to be deal wit; for they r damn sensitive and easily get retaliate. but some ppl jst dun understand. i aint sure wat they r tryin to show. or proof.. it aint gonna help, God sake. it'll make thgs worst.

aku sian dgn Ajak. and his stdnts. i hope dis 'sour-ness' around settle la nanti. i hate seein member2 aku seniri berpuak2, tarik2 muka on some unreasonable shait. and aku hate to move around in sort of environment yg penuh dgn hatred, tense among the stdnts..

aiyoo.. life is simple. and beautiful. y do we hav to make it worst, eh?


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