Friday, February 26, 2010


i know. meja study aku bersepah giler..
shld be seein the room itself - u'll get a shock of ur life
next week dah eaxm - aku aper pun tak ready lagik
bukak je buku, mata plak nak tertutup..
keji sgt2.



had a great relaxing day - i am done wit downloading coupla albums i wanted to hav like a month back - yet i din get the chance of doin so.. so ere i am - listening to Alicia Keys's Element of Freedom, Jay Z's The Blueprint and latest Sade's Soldier of Love.. and yeah - One Republic's new effort too.

no gym, no cardio in the gym; today. i had it a rest. the body aching like shait, nak mandi sabun badan pun payah.. so - i wasnt out of the house - except of a jog pagi tadik, and solat Jumaat je la.. and yeah - scoot around. i know - i was out of the house, but not dat far.. heh. bley mcm tu?

cant wait for another break. it is like another 2wks to go. and yeah - another one in April. and dammit - i need to back in shape. it is not like i dun hav 'the shape' now - jst dat i wanna be in a better one. hehe..

headin Mumuland now.. trow morn - aerobic, jog. as usual.


Jumaat. and i am at home. yay!

woke up at 6 dis morning. i wanted to go for a jog - tapi the body ache makes me terjun balik into the crib after solat Subuh. at 7.30am - laundry done. tea 'o' big mug done. and i found myself preparing own breakie in the kitchen! wow. lama weh, tak main masak2 neh.. bukak fridge - there a bread in it, eggs, cheese and coupla fruits and such. OJ of course. so aku decided to buat roti telo je - plus the cheezy wheezy and 2 telor goreng. and havin a breakie in ur towel, wit tea o panas in front of the idiotbox - heh, its been a while, really.

i am still wondering wat to be done, today - apart of hitting the gym after Jumaat nanti. may be ashld finish up buat soalan-soalan sumatif neh je kot.. kemas2 rumah and pi jengok2 projek kat my new place. and start packing a bit more.. and idiotbox, of course. download songs, perhaps? reading some magazines yg bertimbun2 tak abes2.. heh.

breakie - hope its a healthy one.
we need sort of heavy breakfast, aye?
*yeah rite*

me after the bath..
pampering myself - in charcoal to absorb
'extra minyak yg tak bley goreng ikan pun'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

its been days!

tiring day. physically, mentally. i was in my room all mornin - doin the marking on budak2 ni punya psychiatric case clerking/case study. ada yg doin well, awesome - ada yg mcm cipet. time history taking - bagus; but when it comes to mental state examination - hancur. so ptg tadi - during the presentation time - aku did somethg yg aku never cld think of; aku mengamuk sakan.. it wasnt about the presentation dat totally sucked anyway - ada la pulak 7 - 8 org stdnts yg bley anta lambat, rite before the lunch time.. and expected aku cld go thru em all by 3pm! heh. aku ni kayu ke haper? operator kilang ke? aku hilang sabar sgt2 - so, habis sumer kena tengking segala bagai..

Jagjit, Peter and the gang - i am sorry. i wasnt mad u ppl. i was just frustrated wit ur attitude.. u ppl were doin damn well; but taking thgs for granted.. Timmy - sorry i screamed the shait out at yr face. dis is life. ur no more in in ur lecture hall - ur in clinical area alrdy. to be or not to be - it depends on yrself. so stop hanging on some other ppl's neck, u gotta stand on ur stance.. TJ - change! walk ur talk. i know ur darn good when it comes to religious thang. but ur attitude does not go along wit ur talk well. i lose respect on u - for dat. u gotta change for betterment. dun let ppl make fun of u. ur one good kid. jst do wat ur preaching.

by 5.15pm - aku drove home wit kinda numb feeling, alrite. i had my mind back still in DK3; where aku screwed the boys/gals well. may be i shldnt acted dat way. but someone gotta do somethg.. dis kids - they know wat they shld be doin, jst dat they r taking thgs for granted. or may be they din know wat they r doin - and i was jst 'telling' em off; in my own kinda way.. *sigh* and for the first time in my life - aku taruk 'C' in coupla buku log budak2 neh - for anta report lambat and aku refused to go thru em all, at all. be it. thgs hav been said. and done. i do feel numb. but i hav no regret.

i started to hav the body aching, back again. third day in the new gym - Body Alignment - so far, so good. great music. no Jamal Abdillah, God sake wit his Gadis Malaya? Gadis Melayu wat ever not - or now wat? Gadis Satu Malaysia? bulshait. most of the guys in there r Chinese - so, they jst do wat they hav to do.. and leave. no hanky panky, no sweet talk, small talk, no 'apa khabar.. keje mana.. org baru ya.. salah angkat lagu tu.. mcm ni.. mcm tu..' kinda thang and no wossssssssshhhh ere and there wit no shirt in front of the cermin - as if 'see ppl, i am havin a bee-auw-tea-fool body in ere.. jeles tak?' kinda bulshait. heh. so i cld jst concentrate on my cardio, and my wt. lifting.. and i can doin it at nite, too. off to the gym for cardio semlm, and today - on chest and a bit of shoulder..

gotta work it out - for i wanna be in great shape for mid of next month. and my early April trip, insyaAllah.

think i shld go downstairs for my Brufen. heh.

owh, can i borrow ur iPod - i wanna run trow early
morn. i wanna lift some wt wit some
music as well..

i gotta hav music
so i can jog..

i cant jog
w/o any music!!


Vios - black! auww


each time aku tgk dis car - Vios Toyota; black in colour.. aku'd drooling for sure. not for some other reason - but b'coz i do fall for it, God sake.

heh. can't wait. as if i got time. haha

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday? *yawn*

i am back in the office after like a week away from it. kinda missing it well enuff (yeah rite!). really - and i aint lying. i think. hahaha.. too many thgs to be done. ari ni je 4hrs of lecture on Human Motivation and Emotion; meetings to attend by 2.30pm nanti. i mght as well attend one je la kot - for satu lagik mesyuarat - mcm tak relevan je. heh!

i had a hell up and down ride for the past coupla weeks. my best gf's husband - Ruzi (shes a lecturer in Kolej Kejururawatan Ipoh) passed away last week due to industrial accident. i was shock, and a bit hopeless - for i cant be there when she really in need of her fren's presence. its a tuff time for her - and she's been thru a hell lot, really. Ruzi - i hope ur strong. its such a lie if i tell u 'i know how it feels' for i never go thru any of it - but i know, ur gonna get thru dis, well.

and one of aku nyer fren dat i knew thru FB - Johan Manaf - her mom passed away too. due to septicemia, i think. secondary to diabetic foot ulcer over her (R) leg.. Johan sent me a msg around an hr after midnite - which i read it well, early trow morning. Johan - i am sorry i cldnt make it to her last day.. and i know - Johan; he's leaving for Dubai tonite, if i am not mistaken - r doin good anyway.

and my PCT9860 - remember, my old car? my Iswara Aeroback merah tu? the car yg aku dah spent quite a lot of money on it lately.. and the car dat i've been using eversince aku stdnt - finally comes to its own last day. it involved in a bad accident and severed. last Friday nite - aku sent it to Ajak's house for cat semula keter tu.. and Ajak sent me back home. on the way back to his house - he involved in an accident. aku was kaget sekejap. aku tak marah - tapi kinda sedih. aku tau Ajak will take care every thg; God sake for i know him well.. tp Allah je yg tau - aku syg sgt2 keter tu.. byk sentimental value in it. ramai yg ckp aku shldve go get it a change for 'tak sesuai dgn wat i am now'; but who cares? yg penting aku selesa.. its not like aku tak de keter lain kat rumah.. aku selesa dgn keter neh. dah lama - tp jarang2 sgt buat hal - tak mcm Wira Aeroback aku skang neh.. :-( aku tak tau nak ckp mcmana - Ajak tak luka apa2, surprisingly. so - for the time being.. i hav thgs in my mind - Fortuner? Prius? Alphard? Vios? or a simple Kenari? Kancil (erk - i am havin a hairy legs, i think).. i dun know. may be its about time la kot.

and last week too - i had a Penang trip. and urgent one. the trip dat - i dun really wanna go God sake.. but i hav to. the sudden call aku received makes me feel like - damn, they shldnt do dis while i am havin a nice, long off-days. but thgs happen. no news is a good news, anymore. and i am tired of hoping. wat is hope, anyway? so be it.

pe pun - aku yakin all those thgs yg byk lagik happened lately - surely ada hikmah di sebaliknya. cld be some sort of ujian dr Nya, u never know. kdg2 kita terlalu leka wit life - until on time bila all dis kinda thang dtg - baru kita tersedar and such.

but then again - after all those the above - aku still managed to smile; for theres byk a bit here and there dat makes me, anyway.

smiley faces!

i received dis one round-red-in-colour card in my pigeon hole dis morning. i did not expect anythg at all - for dis small card terselit in between few mails i received. simple - but managed to make me smiling up till now. the sweet words in it. the simplicity and such. thanks - i am having 3 of em now.. any other round faces on the way? hahaha

checkers makes me

and dis one too. not me - but the shirt. i know - it looks weird, of course - on me. for checkers r not in my wardrobe at time being. anyway - it is makin the comeback now.. baju belang2 will be leaving soon; think i shld be ready in it, eh? i mean - checkers. as i told u before - dis is my first formal checkers add-up to my collection. i had none - except for few yg short-sleeves. thanks Saif - u make me look kinda different. and i like it! bukan i jer yg noticed - my fellow colleagues, stdnts too.. they were like, 'sir, ur so Brit!' hell yeah! haha

God i am hungry. think i shld be leaving for a lunch. wanna join?


Sunday, February 21, 2010

pics @ random; pt. 2



dun mess wit my thang!

after said and done..


i see you!

morning dew.

u like me, u hate me - i still follow!

waiting - till i fall.

gez wat?

the sun and such..

so green, i wanna be in it!

ur bone?

wats hope, anyway?

red as fire.




before the sun rise up.

u name it urself!

and the above r the second half. i got a lot in store - but these r among my fav. the location? simple - jst around my parent's jer.. i woke up early in the morn., and walked about the house's compound looking out for thgs to shoot. the reason i did dat - it was kinda nice early in the morn., wont get extra-tanned under the sun, the minimonsters r still in MumuLand so dat they wont tailed me like hell; makin me screamin the shait out of me for all the nuisance.

so watdya think?

pics @ random; pt. 1

the above are the first half of the those dat i had over the long off-days, recently. i had a great time indeed. and i learn a lot, as well. these mght not as grand as u've seen around, before - but as for me; dis is a hell way kinda good start, for me.

and i am glad, God knows - dat i am sharing this hobby wit my dad! yeap - abah! mak finally told me dat abah was into all dis photography stuffs as well; but t faded aways since he get married, and having kids means he needs to allocate more financially on some other more crucial thang. i am proud when he was the only guy yg betul2 happy when i told him i managed to 'sell' my previous pics (2 of em), online - recently. and seeing him went thru my Digital Magazine and talking about all these stuff - i feel like crying. for the first time in life - i dun know. dad seems like really into my liking. and damn - i love it, God sake.