Wednesday, January 6, 2010


groggy, dat is.
post-counting sheeps syndrome.

i was wide awake by the time the alarm screamed out shait - damn - i was about to be in the MuMuLand by then. it was 5.30am, and i was thinkin i cld close myself for a lil bit more.. and gez wat? dammit, i was late. but i gez its ok then. nthg to run after, after all. i was there to the MuMuLand by 11pm or somethg, and was thinkin i mght be havin a good sleepin. but it aint - by 3.30am or less - i was there; again - tossing up and down - tryin hard to close my eyes, yet i jst cant. i was pretty darn tired - mentally and physically. but there - the brain of mine - i jst cant keep it mute and lay it to rest by then.

i am havin 3hrs of teachin today - hope it'd be alrite. its gonna be the Intro. to Psychology to the juniors.. semlm aku bagi task je for em to do - so ari ni, i gez they need some re-reinforcement on thgs they did. there'll be a bit of presentation, and theory. and i gez - dats about it for today. i dun feel like goin for clinical teaching pun. even there is - i mght be reschedule the whole shait.

its been weeks since aku last doin the gym and the jog, as well. i've been lifting weights back at home, in my ample time. kinda miss the sweat, alrite. think i gotta start wit em all, somewhere.. letting myself drowin in dis deep shait wldnt help me out much, and dats for sure.

life is too sweet to let it off, jst like dat. ppl out there r havin fun, so i shld do, too. *sigh*

s'times its easy to say thgs than done. pickin up life. shait.


:: NbC :: said...

i agree with ur last statement. But at least we should be grateful that we hv ideas of what to be done, implementation wise is the hardest part (in reality). Be strong..!

artisticklytouch said...

banyaknyer shait...


jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie -

indeed. implementation wise, is the hardest part.. enuff said.