Friday, January 29, 2010

white owl..

I cant sleep. I jst cant sleep, at all. It wasnt my day afterall, and stupidly - i've spoiled others' too. Its so selfish of me. Its my stupidity. I shldve be dealing it, myslf. But i did not. I need no sympathy. All i need is a bit of space, so i can explain myslf. And make thgs understandable. Easy. But then, i gez theres no use of it, any more. Thgs has been said. And done. I gotta move on. I hav a life - a short one, and i love ppl arnd me well. I am sorry for the mess i've caused. Never ever in my life, i'll go hurting ppl dat i love - be it now or of the past. But if i do, it'd be solely then my mistake. I am so tired, i really to close my eyes - even jst for a while. And i hope, as the sun comes up; thgs gonna get better for everybdy. For me. And i jst cant help feeling numb.

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