Sunday, January 10, 2010

those were the days..

All the minimönsters r in the Mumuland still, havin their so-called nap. And aku take the chance doin thgs on my own, wit out any disturbance from the kiddos. Aku decided to sapu daun2 kering arnd the house and at the kebun sblh rumah, and bakar terus, senang. Aku rmbr while i was a kid, dis is the chore yg paling aku hate of doin. Each week on the wkend, abah will make us - aku and angah, especially, to sapu all the daun kering arnd the house, under the sun. Malas sgt2. The wkend, the sleep dat missed, homeworks and such. Cik and kak yang, aku dun thk they had the chance of dis, real much pun. Especially Soleh as adik bongsu. Heh. But today, aku do dis on my own. Wit out abah suruh pun. Aku kesian dgn mak abah, stay together both of em; and abah dah tak sekuat dulu. Byk sgt daun2 kering arnd the house, and in the kebun. So aku sapu je la setakat mana aku mampu. Its kinda big area to cover, and bscally, aku still 'tak suka' doing dis. Heh. Tak ikhlas? Shut up. Aku jst nak tolong abah je. Now i am done wit it; sapu daun kering, burnt em down.. done. And aku cld hear budak2 tu dah bgun, sibuk nak mandi and looking out for me. Better go now. Or else..
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