Thursday, January 7, 2010

taji the senior? no thanks.

really 'do work' today - masuk office around 8.15am - aku terus pi breakie dgn Hafiz, and by then - aku already in Rehabilitation Ward wit the students - discussing on Psychology and Physical Treatment on Psychiatric Patients. and even thru out the lunch time pun - aku still found myself in the AdmissionWard - bukan aku plak yg masuk wad - but wit the students doing the bed-side teaching and discussing on Mental State Examination on Schizophrenic patient. heh. pi balik pi balik - dah 2pm.. time to settle down, lepak2 kat office.

but i jst cant - Mr Nazri called me up - asking to teman dia tgk budak2 neh defending their HSR proposals - yg finally; he left me alone dealing wit all those shait. heh. gampang sgt2. but then - he's the senior. Head of Department plak tu.. heh - aku pun Head of Department jugak - cuma lain discipline je.. dats y Ajak ckp 'ko taji je mamat tu..'. tp fikir2 balik - malas la. he's a senior. so i jst did my work - finished up, submit to him. keji lah mcm ni!!

its 5pm alrdy. gym or not. gym or not. gym or not. not? heh. think i shld be jogging sajer lah ari neh.. i need to let loose.


Faeiza said...

ayat gampunk ko tu..tak penah berubah²

sHaH said...

ur very much into fitness.
nak blaja jugak la..
bg la tips..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

faeiza - which ayat gampunk? hahaha

shah - pe nak blaja eh? biasak2 je.. make it a konsisten rutin je lar.. like - as if i do too! haha