Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday wit minimons

Done wit the wet market trip wit mum (which i wasnt dat keen, to be frank), we head home only to find all the minimonsters dah siap mandi2 pakai baju etc, waiting for pak long to come home, bwk dorang pi library. Heh. I did say a word or two about to bring em to the library, if they eat well, mandi well, solat well and all well. And of coz they did em all well. It gets me smiling, thking i mght be able to get away wit dis. Unfortunately, i am not, i think. Here i am, as a nanny wit all these underage kiddos - Areeyna, Hakimie, Hazwan, Hazique and Damia. Jenuh la aku suruh dorg 'shut up, dis is a library' and they shut up for a while then started to scream out shait mcm kat rumah. Argkh. The librarian dah ushar aku smcm. Fail lar, mcm neh!


Josh said...

If these are the minimons, they must have gone to the library with their MEGAMON.

Kan? Kan?

ezam said...

librarian tue nk ngorat kottt....

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Joshie -

Megamon? wth! haha..

Ezam -

euw. its a man lar! heh.