Friday, January 29, 2010


reached home around 9pm - dining out tonite, wit coupla others. the so-called 'makan siap2 for besday, peh ni tak payah tuntut dah!' kinda thang (as if i need to tuntut such thang) for i am not gonna be in town for the weekend, shall be leavin for somewhere else, before Subuh trow morning.

theres so many thgs happen lately, it was like back to back. it left me speechless. but then - as i always told myself - 'its all in ur head' kinda thang. i need to look into all dis, in a positive way. s/ada aku nak or not - dats all dat matters. theres a lot of i thg dat i learn, yet some of em - i am runnin in the same circle again and again, and i feel sorry for myself, dat i did not learn a thg. but its ok - life is a learning process itself. and i am still learning to get it all rite.

gotta hit the crib early tonite. will pop-in some Stilnox, for i cant afford to wake up and wonderin post-midnite. gotta wake up as early as 3am, and will hit the road then. Monday - i am considering to take a day off, need to head up to Penang for some reason..

for the first time ever in life - i am not dat keen to face the b'day. its not the fact dat a yr will add up to the number, for i dun really mind, God sake. it jst dat.. i dun know. theres so many thgs happened lately. but then - thgs happened. and i gez - it shldnt be a reason for myself not to enjoy every secs of life, left. more parcels coming in - one from TimTam of the down under of Australia (thank u, gal!! u amazed me..) and another one is hand-delivered by Saif, Muaz - his fren came in to the office jst to send it, himself.. erm, thank u Saif. but then - i yet to open any of em. shall wait till next Monday.

need to pack coupla thgs. my new dslr, shirts, lens, books and few more. u hav a great weekend, fellas. be good. be notti. jst be urself, well.


IDA said...

happy bday pakcik cum thaipusam.. u r having double celebration i guess.. heheeh

ezam said...

mcm kinda depress je inchek....mind to share..heh~

jerry maguire, jr. said...


wow! lama tak dgr khbr berita.. haha.. Thaipusam? shut up! haha.. thanks, anyway.

Ezam -

sure? heh.

timtams said...

Its to say thankyou for entertaining me this whole time. I've enjoyed reading the ups & down, happy and sad moments thruout your blog. Hope you enjoyed the timtams and shared with friends :-)

Hepi besday Mr Shah!

jerry maguire, jr. said...


ur kiddin me? i aint sharing it wit anyone, at all! haha.. they r all mine. all mine!

thanks. u've made my day, sweet, diabetic sweet dat is.. thanks, again!