Thursday, January 7, 2010


Suddenly, theres a huge silence. And its everywhere. At every corner of my fcuked up life. A silence dat lead u nowhere. A silence dat left u in wonder - wat did i've done wrong? Wat did i do? Wats wrong? Is dis a karma? It hurts. It really does. It feels like ur at the end of the road. Ur left puzzled, u dun knw where to turn to. Dis is major for me. Dis is not like.. *snap* 'dis is nthg, dis is new me, i can face dis alrite and i am gonna be OK' while deep down, u knw dats a plain fcukin fake. I can put up silly faces, bloody smiles and make ppl fall for it. It aint dat tuff. But the fact is - it hurts. I am losing sleeps on it. I cant seem doin thgs rite, lately. Its torturing me. The silence. The old me. The everythg dat matters to me. The everythg dat used to be matters to me. Gosh, i jst need some proper sleeping. I jst cant go on, being like dis.. :-(

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Ooi said...

Bro, just come to Penang, let me show you the magic of Chinese Shing Ser(Dr). Just like a few ant bites will have you to sleep better.
Cheers from Ooi