Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pre-b'day thang!!

had a great nice sleeping last nite - tho aku masuk tido a bit late.. around 12am i think, i had a great one still. woke up at 6am - aku managed to finish up coupla pages of the manual (excited kan?) while waiting enjin kete aku panas. hehe

went thru my schedule - heh, again.. nthg much for today. no class, except for a meeting to attend at 4pm and discussion/presentation on case clerking for the boys at 3pm. dat will finish up darn early, gerenti nye lah! hehe..

izzah and rod awal2 pg lagik dah 'melawat' bilik aku, tgk aku minum Nescafe - dorg pun nak. heh, rasa mcm pantry plak bilik aku neh!

btw - as aku ckp before; aku nak upload the pics on last Sunday event.. and ere they r;

KL from KL Tower. superb.

guys yg together-gather on the hi-tea.
from (L) Azman A, Bahar and Azman D.

me and Azman A.


and stuffs!

on last Sunday, rite after i was done wit my UPM thang, i was brought up to KL Tower. for a hi-tea katanyer.. i was thinkin there'll be sort of meet-up-old-frens-over-tea sorta thang, but it aint! huhu.. it was kinda pre-b'day celeb held by Azman, another Azman and Baha. yayy!!

and i came to know the whole plot. Kak Yang, Pinkie kinda thang. and dat amazed me like hell! its a small world. and i cldnt find a proper word to describe how it feels. i feel so honored, so blesses to be surrounded wit awesome, amazing ppl around me. ppl who take me as wat i am, as for who i am. ppl who r around wit no 'pra-syarat' kinda thang and they dun need a thang from me back in return. it aint for the thgs dat i got - its the tot, the frenship/r'ship dat matters. the appreciation. it goes beyond anythg, at all.

i am still on the cloud nine - think it'd be like for coupla weeks la kot. haha..

Azman D, Azman A, Bahar, Pinkie - thanks. u guys r superb! Kak Yang - love u. thank u so much..

heh. i gotta brush up my skill, now. a lot more to learn, definitely! and heh - i am a Nikon-ian, from now on! huhu

btw - thanks, ppl. i am truly honored.


:: NbC :: said...

x ajak..! marah ngan both Azman A & D ni, Baha x marah.. heheh

u deserve to be treated this way for u know why. I'm happy to see u r happy - maintain that +ve feeling in u okes..!

*tammo wish lg - haha

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie -

heh. still can wat? it yet 31st, kan? haha