Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pics @ random..

above are some of the pics - i aint sure if i ever publish em yet - i think some of em, i did. and some of em, r not as yet. i wanted to caption em all, but i gez - somehow, sometimes - they'd be nice left un-caption; let our mind wander about, and judge wat we see wit our own eyes.

i love doin macro. they r awesome. u can see details - clearly. and now dat i am havin my new lovely toy (i yet to tell about it, eh?) i am tryin hard to learn more wat to do and wats not about it, well. but then again - i hate readin the manual. i am suck at it. i remember rushin to near bookstore in Tesco Extra looking out for dis Digital Camera Jan issue - but it was outta stock. kinda sad - a fren of mine told me dat; i need to get my hand on dat bloody issue for it talks about sort of 'crash course for the beginners'.. *sigh*. think i am goin off to MPH trow, wit the hope, i'll get one.

life's good. life's fine. its wonderful to know ur not alone in the world, while half of ur life - ur livin as if ur. its nice to hav great ppl around u - they stand by u in any situation at all. and one thg i learn w/in dis coupla days - i shld be more assertive, less Mr. Nice guy wld do me good. i shld leave those ppl who'd ruin myself, emotionally. and i shldnt let anyone effect my life - mentally, and physically. dis is my life. and i hav right on it. ppl will talk nicely if they r in love wit u - but if they r not; all kinda shait will comes out. i gez dats the fact of life..

its gonna be mid of the week, wit coupla days to go.. *sigh*


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jerry maguire, jr. said...

Qimi - thanks. all those r using my Canon.. i am learnin to use my latest toy.. hehe