Monday, January 18, 2010

penampar.. nak?

i was in the room doin some reading, when two girls came storming into my room - wit out knockin. or may be they did - i dun really remember. they were looking for Ajak and cldnt find him - and as usual, they'd go after me asking the whereabout. heh.

and one of the gal spotted dis kueh sardin - 2 of em on my table, wit a mug of Nescafe. she was like, 'sir, is dat all for ur breakfast?'. i was like, 'yeap yeap.. i need not a lot of em - bukan pi menoreh pun..'. and u gez wat? she was like wit no rasa bersalah said dis out - which makes me like.. eh, nak je aku penampar budak neh!

gez wat said.. dis is wat she said - 'tp sir.. sir mkn sikit. tp - sir tak pun kurus2! cemaner eh?..'

no nasik for me today. period. but - erk, i jst did hav some tadik! darn.


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