Friday, January 15, 2010

motak? heh.

its Friday morn. again. and i am glad. dun tell me dat dats the sign of burning-out. well, yeah may be. but - heh.. like i care? i am feelin OK dis mornin - i had a great sleeping thru out the nite - i aint seeing any 'white owl' for God sake. i'll be havin 3hrs of lecture dis mornin, and after dat - i shall call off the day then.

i am back to the square one - i am officially bald. again. i know mak will hate dis. kak ngah will make faces. even coupla frens of mine - they dun think i'd look ok in dis head. bald head - dat is. or may be - i'll look a bit darn way too 'garang' in dis 'persona'. wah!! but - its jst the look. go ask my stdnts - i aint pun. the fact is - i enjoyed havin hair. i jst love it. not the fact dat ppl said dat i'd look a lil bit younger, slimmer, 'cute' (euw) and 'jambu'. erk - hold on. 'jambu'? bullshait. but yeah - i remember few stdnts said so. i din hear dat ever since aku left secondary school, God sake. and i dun think i kinda like it as well. or may be - dats the fact dat i wanna get em chopped off outta my head. heh. but unfortunately - no. it grows well. much better than before. i jst love it. i can put it on any style i wanna hav it on. and the best part is - i dun hav to 'pakai tudung' pun, for i am a boi. a man - dat is. i always wanted to keep the hair up till end of the March - dats the initial idea. for i think.. tak pe lah. its ok.. but then - the fact is - i hav to cut em off. for some reason. and i gez - let the reason be mine. one day - when thgs r ok, when thgs r back to the ordinary; i will definitely keep em back. insyaAllah.

and the most important thang - i feel nice. cool. i dun hav to blow em every morning, waxed em, gel em up, creamed em and choosing wat-kinda-cap-for-wat when i am havin a bad-hair day etc etc..

masa itu emas. so they said. heh.

yeah - dats me.
dis morning at 7.15am.. Friday 15012010.

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