Tuesday, January 12, 2010

last weekend.

the above were among the pics aku amek during the weekend. the location? heh. around the house sajork. my parent's to be precise. itu pun jenuh la berperang dgn minimonsters for they'd love to shake the flowers, shoo the objects aways, making noises and such. tp dgn aku - senang je.. sekali aku tengking, berterabur budak2 neh lari. heh.

i know all the above r 'biasak2' je.. nthg much to be ado of, pun. but i think i did learn coupla thgs, too - i jst need more practice.

erm, i wish i cld be havin better dslr.


:: NbC :: said...


u'll hv one, soon :-)

thoyol said...


nice pic.. heh, pic-geek never satisfied with their DSLR one..

me ok bro. No worry. :)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Qayyum -

pic-geek? i aint a pic-geek! i aint a geek, after all! haha

Pinkie -

erk. meaning?