Saturday, January 30, 2010

..the journey.

I gez the journey is jst about to begin. Its kinda symbolic, for the for the time ever in my life, i wast in at my own place for the d'day. Or, for the b'day dat is. Dis time arnd, i want some piece of my own, a time of my own, and s'where i am damn familiar wit - where ppl loves u for no condition at all, accept u as who ur, as wat ur. No new faces. No new surrounding. And no complication. I jst want s'thg simple. And easy to digest. Its cold in ere, yet peaceful. I aint in rush, i shall jst drive and jst go wit the flow of time. Theres a lot of thang rumbling in head, it needs to vent out yet i ant sure of how, or shld i. I gez dis is life. It dpnds on how u see it, or how u want it. Each time sthg ends in life, there'll always sthg dat left to begin. But i gez, i shall quit thking wats life is, wats left to begin and such. I am glad for wat it brings. And wit all the great nice ppl arnd me, i am truly blessed. Gotta stop for my dly routine dose of caffine. And Subuh, soon.. I gez, the journey is about to begin!


Jaye Dubious said...

I love your blog.... great reflecting, bro!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Jaye -

thanks.. happy reading!