Saturday, January 16, 2010

its Satur(ated)-day..

I am bck on the road. Classes to attend. Second last, i hope. And there'll be no more after dis.. Or if i want to further up even more, i'll hav a 'small break' in between, for sure. Its tough to mix up life, work and stdy at the same time; God sake. But i am finishing dis up. I hav to. And i will, insyaAllah. I jst need a bit more time, space and proper health. I am seeing dis 2010 as a tough and hard one. I dun knw. But i will be goin thru a few more important thgs, experiences and either u want it or not - dats sthg else. Ppl say its ur life, its up to u - to be or not to be. But s'times, thgs r outta hand, and u jst have to brace urslf, facing all these uncertainty dat may come knockin at ur door, at any time at all. U cant say 'no'. U mght be drown in deep depression. And sadness. U hav no choices left to choose. But the miracles thg is, u still hav urslf. I mean, its how u face it. Handle it. Go thru it all, well or otherwise. 2009 was a beautiful year for me. So much of sweet thgs dat i hate to hav it end. But i gez dats life. Nthg stays forever. I mean, nthg last forever. We shall take it as it is. Enjoy every bit of it. Cherish the memories, look up for the good thgs dat future mght brings us. I love every pieces of the past, in my life. I hav no hatred in me.. Jst dat s'times.. s'times, ironically - i wish i cld be better than dis, God sake. Erm, saturated Saturday, dat is. Shld try to hav some sleep now. Its gonna be a long day, today.. G'morning, anyway.

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sHaH said...

life's like that bro..