Wednesday, January 6, 2010



done wit the 3hrs of class on Intro to Psychology. i must say dat dis batch of juniors - heh, ok jugak la.. may be they r young. may be they r fresh. all the task yg aku bagi - they did em well, presented in a such way.. leaving me like 'whooaaa' kinda thang. and during the theory classes - they did ask questions - dis and dat. they hav the idea of wat Behaviorism is, Humanistic and Psychoanalysis are.. why dis approach is suitable and y dat is not kinda thang. towards the end of the class - they left me high, really. i am happy for bein able to share thgs wit em all, i was full of enthusiasm, really. and of course - i started to hav a bit of dry throat. heh. the hall tak la besar mana.. and there were like 85 of em. so aku malas nak pakai mic yg berwayar tu - limit my movement.

so ere i am in my own room, havin my arse deep in the seat. i am glad the class run well. the stdnts r eager to know more - some of em askin for the mobile number so dat 'bley saya contact or sms sir kalo ada masalah' kinda thang. and they were askin where is my room and such - so dat they know where to head, if they need to. aku bg clue budak2 ni senang je, as usual - 'if u happen to listen mp3's playing, dats my room la..'. heh. nak pulak la aku buat tour around cari bilik aku! for usual - when i am around, the musics will be on. and if i am not - then it aint.

i am havin dis number - same number, keep on calling me like freakin shait. and the best part is - tak tau nak intro diri sendiri, tp like 'u kenal tak i?', 'u ingat lagik tak i..?', and 'u tak ingat suara i eh?', 'u tak simpan number i eh?.. i still ada number u..', 'sedih la mcm ni..' and a bit of shait like dat. eh, hello. i dun hav ur number (i told it off, at the first place) and u dun expect me to remember ur voice la.. nothg significant pun. ur not like my ex's ke, aper ke.. keji lah! bukan apa - a bit of introduction wld do better kan? some ppl need to learn how to communicate, i think. i aint a psy-chic!

think i'll be heading home around 3 s'thg. i need to crash. badly.

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artisticklytouch said...

hye, saya art. u ingat saya lagi tak? menchi la u ni...