Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After having my brunch, my medicines and such, aku started to feel seram sejuk, again. I gez dats it. I gotta stay bck home, for the rest of the day. The headache is killing me. I called Achap up, my stdnt - telling him i gotta postpone the meet up to trow, for today, aku btol2 tak larat. Thank God, bdk2 ni ok je, tho dah nearly 3 times aku rescheduled the whole shait. So ere i am, on my sofa feeling so damn weak. I feel like crawling upstairs, tp kejap lg la kot. Aku nak golek2 jap in ere. May be a bit of channel surfing on the idiotbox. Or may be not. There thgs in mind too, they need to be sorted out. S'times i wish, i cld walk away from all these shait, jst like dat. I mean, jst like dat.. *sigh*

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