Wednesday, January 27, 2010

g'bye Nirmala..

aku, mala and few kakitgn Unit Pentadbiran.
'mak tiri' aku - kak Ton in tudung marron.

Izzah and Rod.

Mr Ismail - Ketua Unit Anatomy and Physiology, Mr Zul -
Ketua Unit Sains Komunikasi and Mr Bong - Ketua Unit Perubatan.

during the lunch time - there's a jamuan perpisahan for Puan Nirmala; Ketua Unit Farmakologi for 2yrs now - bertukar ke KSKB Sg Buloh starting dis coming Friday..

Nirmala - she's one quiet lady. but very kinda, helpful. soft-spoken - so she's havin dis tendency selalu kena 'bully' dgn aku - not dat kinda bully, i mean - aku selalu kenakan dia wit lot of thang - and the best part is, she'll never get angry wit me. she loves bringin her own breakfast - aku yg stay dkt dgn bilik dia akan bau kari, tosei watever not; enuff to make me droll like hell.

Mala - we'll be missin u. its good for u to finally get the chance movin down - closer to ur hubby, ur family for the sake of the baby yg will coming to the world, like 6mths to come. u take care.. forget us not. i am wishin u all the very best for the future..

ur sucha nice fren, indeed.. :-(


Mr. Firdaus said...

Where is the good in goodbye? ~Meredith Willson, The Music Man

another precious teacher is leaving us...urmmm, a very gud luck to Pn. Nirmala, hope to see her again in da fture :)

"kelas tamat"


jerry maguire, jr. said...

Daus -

yeah.. wheres the good, in goodbye. i aint sure if theres any, anyway.. :-(

i gez my time will be in, too - soon? heh.

Anonymous said...

ok. bye.

haha. gtew