Monday, January 18, 2010

first 3rd Monday, of the month.. and of the year.

its a brand new day. brand new starting for the week. mid of the month. and i heard somethg over the radio - over HitzFM; the tow DJs was saying s'thg about the the 3rd Monday of the first month, of the year - it is like the most depressive Monday of the whole year. y? heh. i din really pay attention on the rest of it, btw. rugi plak. most depressive Monday of the year? ermm..

reached early to the office. nice sleeping last nite - i need not to count any white owl, anyway. and aku managed to finish up coupla thgs as well - and most of em; for the whole week. yay! LPs done, signed by Pengarah alrdy. 2 reports done and submitted. and all i wanna do now is i wanna sit down and read on Anxiety Disorder/Psycho sexual/Personality and Neurotic Disorder for the seniors, ptg nanti. 3hrs in a row. heh. i bet the stdnts will be havin wide open kinda eyes on the topic - especially when it comes to Psycho sexual thang. cliche isnt it?

Ajak is not in - bet he's on the road for some clinical visiting. Apiz dok kuar masuk bilik aku asking dis and dat - wat i've been up to for the weekend; i bet he's havin s'thg up his sleeve.. to tell la kot. he always like dat. haha..

had a smashing nice, simple weekend. 3 movies and such; Avatar 3D, Case 39 and Ju On - White Ghost and Black Ghost.. and i think i mght be stumbled into coupla ppls - yet i din really realized it. and for the first time of my life - i am feelin ok wit it. i jst dun know wat and how to tell it. but i am feelin fine wit it, thank God.

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