Tuesday, January 12, 2010

down wit fever..

dis aint Fever by Kylie Minogue.
or Cabin Fever the lousy movie..
its fever, aka pyrexia.

towards the midnite - aku realized badan aku makin panas, tekak aku makin terik.. and the worst part is - aku kena travel trow, for clinical teaching/supervising around Batu Gajah area, Manjoi and such. its been a while since aku was strike by a fever. yeah - been a while. aku remember theres a time yg aku kejap2 kena demam, kejap2 kena demam.. and its very frustrating. as usual - fever is aint a disease itself. its an indicator. of somethg else - for u cld be havin sort of infection, somewhere; or its a sign for u to slow down ur pace of life, or u need to get a bit of grip in life - less stress, it is. dis time around - i aint sure of wat it is. i jst hope dis is a plain one, and after taking some Brufen (instead of Panadol), i am gonna be OK.

woke up dis mornin around 7am - i dun think i can jst hit the road, jst like dat. i decided to text Mr Bong sayin i aint feel good, dat i'd back in the office by 2pm. he's OK wit it, as usual. i wanted to stay back the whole day - but i'd be killin myself, boring then. i think i am feelin a bit OK - the temperature is down now, cuma sakit2 badan sikit je.. after all, aku hav dis session dgn students at 2.30pm which i dun think i can skip, anymore.. heh.

i am still havin the headache. but dis gonna temporary, i know. i am gonna be ok, for sure.

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