Wednesday, January 20, 2010


nothg new. its the same old story. again and again. it hurts when ur thinking ur doin alrite, but apparently ur not. and it hurts when u keep on telling urself - to not hav any high expectation - but then again, u still clinging on one; wit the hope dat u'll be alrite. or u'll be ok. or even the least tot of, 'i am gonna be ok' dat u hav deep seated in u - it is an expectation still, dat'd left u numb when obviously, ur do not.

it is a huge lie if i say dat i am alrite. when it is obvious - dat i am not.

i am not gonna cling on anythg at all. i am not gonna wish anythg, at all. let it numb. let it be the way it is. i am still standing. and i am still breathing.

and i thank God for dat.


2L2M.... said...

huh?? what is new? :) Take care dude...

chen said...

take care, Shahe